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Virtual Keyboard

The Translation service allows you to easily translate from Maltese to Serbian language with one click of the mouse. It includes a set of language tools to facilitate your translation job: multilingual Virtual keyboard, Spell-checker, Dictionary, Russian decoder and Transliteration, Text to Speech, Back translation and others. The translator interface is localized to 23 languages to target a native speaking audience.

To translate, simply enter text in Maltese language to the original text window, select Serbian target language, the translation provider, and click Translate.

The Maltese online translation may give you pretty good translation results. But you can try to make the translation even more accurate by using the back translation feature. Try to re-write the original text or to choose other words, and see if the back translation shows translation close to the original text.

How to use the Translation service
  • Input text in the Original text. You can use the Virtual keyboard to input special characters not supported by your computer.
  • Select Maltese to Serbian translation direction.
  • Use spellchecker to make sure your text is error free.
  • Choose the translation provider by clicking on the providers tabs.
  • Press Translate.
  • Hit the TTS Voice icon to listen to the original or translated text.
  • Open the back translation window to check the quality of translation.
  • Print translation if you need a hard copy of your online work.
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